iPhone Mobile Sports Betting Apps

iPhone sports bettingGenerally speaking, the legitimate and legally certified sports betting sites go out of their way to make sure that your iPhone is compatible with their product. This means that even if you own an older Apple smartphone, you are going to be able to enjoy action from the top 5 mobile sports betting sites on your favorite football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. If you need a rule of thumb to go by, most of the top rated mobile sportsbooks are accessible if you own an iPhone 3 or newer model. And don't worry, your small screen iPhone 4 will deliver just as enjoyable and reliable a mobile sportsbook experience as an iPhone 6 Plus does on its large 5.5 inch display. The reason your iPhone version really does not matter lies in the way that the best iPhone mobile sports betting sites deliver your user interface. Let us take a look at that technology and the sportsbook brands that are compatible with them. Many of these brands also provide compatibility with other premium mobile platforms, such as Android sports betting apps and Blackberry sports betting apps.

Sports Betting Apps Compatible With The iPhone

The following mobile sportsbook sites all support the iPhone and provide a no-download application that delivers each brand's full range of betting services and wagering options directly to your iPhone display, including live betting and other advanced features. Each of these sites has been reviewed and approved by our team of online gambling analysts as industry leading options for enjoying sportsbook gambling on your iPhone device.

Bovada Mobile Sportsbook

Bovada is our number one recommendation for US friendly mobile sports betting. Their user interface is very pleasing and easy to navigate, with easy access to all their sports, lines live betting features and account admin functions. You are able to fund your account, claim bonuses and request withdrawals from their mobile app. You also have access to their mobile casino and mobile poker room from the same application. The Bovada mobile sportsbook app can be bookmarked on your iPhone's home page for easy one click access. Their standard sportsbook welcome bonus applies to new players with a 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Bovada is owned and operated by the respected Bodog brand, and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission based out of Canada.

Betonline Mobile Sportsbook

Another iPhone compatible mobile sportsbook is BetOnline. They are a top rated US friendly sportsbook that also accepts international players as well. Their mobile sports betting welcome bonus is a $50 free play bonus that is applied to your first bet as a registered player during the event that your bet looses. It will be reimbursed up to $50. BetOnline also provides access to a live dealer casino, poker room, skills games and race book. This rand has been providing online gambling services since 1991, and has become one of the most trusted and respected online gambling brands in the business. They are licensed out of Panama, and have earned a reputation for high performance and delivering an overall exceptional online gambling experience. They also offer players a lifetime 25% match bonus up to $1000 on all future deposits for the life of your account. This is certainly a definitive feature that sets them apart from the competition.

Sportsbetting.ag Mobile Sportsbook

SportsBetting.ag is the sister site to BetOnline Sportsbook, and delivers the same great $50 mobile free play bet as well as the lifetime 25% match bonus up to $1000 on all future deposits for the life of your account. Their mobile sports betting application is robust and delivers their entire range of betting services, features, lines and wagering options. You will also have access to their mobile casino, live dealer casino and poker room from your account. SportsBetting.ag is a well designed and effectively executed online and mobile sports betting platform that offers competitive betting lines, pay lines and odds that cover a wide range of sports categories, matches and events. They offer live betting options through their online and mobile sportsbooks, and provide a nice selection of betting types to consider.

Bookmaker Mobile Sportsbook

Bookmaker has been providing sports betting services to players since 1985, and is considered to be an authority in the industry. They are a respected brand that accepts both US and international players. They offer a 15% match bonus up to $2500 on your first deposit, and support US players through their banking suite to ensure everyone can deposit and withdraw their money hassle free. They really offer a strong selection of betting lines and wagering options, and their live betting features are indeed high quality and sophisticated. They enjoy a long history within the online sports gambling industry, and their performance and services demonstrate that they know precisely what they are doing on all levels. We are not surprised that they offer one of the sexiest mobile sports betting apps out there, and we personally recommend them as a dedicated sports betting destination.

No Downloads Required for iPhone Mobile Sports Betting

It used to be that everything required a download. If you wanted to add an application or game to your Apple smartphone, you had to first find it somewhere online, click a download button, wait for it to download, power off your phone, power it back on, and then wait further while the software loaded. The top iPhone mobile sportsbooks do not expect you to undergo such a ridiculous process. The mobile consumer in the 21st century demands speed and reliability. So the best mobile sports betting experiences are delivered through the browser your particular model is using to access the World Wide Web. Just as you would if you were logging into your sports betting account from your Mac, Windows PC or laptop, your experience is entirely handled through your browser. This means instant sports betting with no downloads. So, what type of browsers are supported?

iPhone Mobile Web Browser Versions Which Support the Top Online Sports Betting Sites

If you are running Apple mobile operating system version 8.0, then the mobile browser used to access the web is Safari. That is Apple's own creation, and it displays pages and other data on your iPhone display similar to how they are viewed on Mac and Windows computers. That Safari mobile browser is also the predominant browser found on most other iPhones. In 2012 however, the Google Chrome web browser was added as an option to the iOS software. But it really does not matter. Whether Apple in the future decides to limit your iPhone to just Safari, Google Chrome, FireFox or some other mobile web browser, you will still be able to access the top online sportsbooks which offer mobile support. The bottom line? If you own an iPhone, betting on sports is a quick and reliable option, whether you live in the United States or some other country.

Does iPhone Sports Betting Mean iPod and iPad Support?

Far more iPhones have been sold than iPads and iPods. But that does not mean that the iconic iPhone is the only Apple mobile device through which you can place sports bets. The iPad is the bestselling tablet PC in the world. And as explained above, since all you need is an Internet signal and a mobile web browser to enjoy the top mobile sportsbooks, your iPad will always support mobile sports betting. As long as you can access the web on your iPad, the legally licensed sportsbooks which honor US and international sports bettors immediately deliver the best possible display for your particular iPad screen. The same applies to some iPod models, such as the iPod Touch. However, the iPod Touch accesses the web through Wi-Fi, so you will have to be in a Wi-Fi accessible location to use that device's Internet access to log into your account.

Apple App Store or Web-Based Sports Betting?

The Apple App Store "is a digital distribution platform for mobile apps on iOS, developed and maintained by Apple Inc." That is a roundabout way of saying that you can download applications and games there. So, if you want to enjoy some mobile sports betting, should you download a free or paid app from the App Store? Or should you just access the top mobile sportsbooks on your web browser? Apple has helped answer this question for you. The company has an "on-again, off-again" relationship with real money gambling applications. They will allow gambling applications in their App Store for a couple of years, and then change their mind and outlaw them. And even in the future, if Apple decides to give the thumbs up to real money sports betting applications offered through its App Store, we do not recommend going that route. These third-party applications simply act as a go-between that gets you from your iPhone to some Internet sportsbook. They often require a fee and a download, and contain malware. The alternative, simply accessing the top rated and legally certified iPhone mobile sportsbooks conveniently and quickly with no download on your web browser, is the preferred option for a lot of obvious reasons. A few of our recommended mobile sportsbooks may from time to time offer optional download enhancements that provide an expanded range of features, but they are not required in order to enjoy mobile online sports betting.