Blackberry Mobile Sportsbooks And Sports Betting Apps

BlackBerry sports bettingThe BlackBerry cell phone was once the King of the mobile phone marketplace. And while BlackBerry smartphones are not as prevalent as Android and Apple devices, there are still millions being used today. The latest BlackBerry Playbook tablet and smartphone lineup delivers some of the best resolution and fastest processors found on any mobile device. And thanks to hard-working top 5 mobile sportsbooks with legitimate licensing and certification, you can now place sports bets "on the go". This means betting the NFL, Major League Baseball, hockey action, the NBA and international sporting leagues and events directly from your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. At this point, you are probably thinking, "That's great, but is my BlackBerry capable of accessing the top rated mobile sportsbooks?" Keep reading. We address this a little further down on the page. Following are the top rated BlackBerry compatible mobile sportsbooks as well as a short synopsis on each brand. These trusted brands are compatible with the primary mobile platforms, including Android sportsbooks and iPhone sports betting apps.

Top Rated BlackBerry Mobile Sportsbooks

The brands you see discussed below have all been analyzed by industry professionals who have long term experience in the industry. In order to appear in this guide, a mobile sports betting app must provide verification of legal licensing and regulatory oversight, employe a world class security profile, and deliver a premium sports betting experience from top to bottom. Each of these mobile sportsbooks achieved this and more.

Bovada Mobile Sportsbook

Bovada is our highest recommended US friendly Blackberry sports betting site, and effectively delivers a premium mobile sportsbook gambling experience, complete with competitive lines and odds, a strong selection of wagering options, and successful processing of US credit card transactions. Their mobile user interface is well designed, easy to use, and offers access to their mobile casino, mobile poker room, and all admin functions, including account funding, withdrawal requests, and personal account information. They offer new players a 50% welcome bonus up to $250 on your first deposit, Bovada is owned and operated by the Bodog brand, and caters exclusively to US players. This brand is considered the preferred betting destination for American players, and enjoys a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable online sportsbook.

Betonline Mobile Sportsbook

BetOnline has managed to create a mobile sports betting application that is compatible with BlackBerry smartphones, and that is every bit as robust as their online sports betting site. New players will receive a $50 free play bet, and then a 25% match bonus up to $1000 on all future deposits for the life of your account. BetOnline also provides a nice mobile casino, as well as an online live dealer casino, poker room, skills games portal and racebook. Your mobile user interface provides access to all facets of their operation, and supports all admin functions for funding your account, requesting payouts, and editing account information. You can also contact customer support and claim bonus offers through their mobile platform. No download is required to access and use the app, and it can be bookmarked on your device for easy, one click access. Mobile Sportsbook

The mobile sportsbook accepts both US and international players, and is compatible with BlackBerry's mobile operating system and the smartphones that support it. It is available without a download, and provides new players with a $50 free play bet on their first wager. Future deposits will be eligible for a 25% match bonus up to $1000 for as long as you hold your account. They are the sister brand to BetOnline, and deliver the same premium betting services that we've come to expect from this network. You will have access to live betting features, their full range of betting lines, and all their wagering options. They did not release a watered down version of their sportsbook, they delivered the whole kit and kaboodle. They also have a nice mobile casino that you can access from your account. Their online gambling platforms include a live dealer casino, skill games, a racebook and poker room.

Bookmaker Mobile Sportsbook

We are not surprised to see that Bookmaker's mobile sportsbook is one of the leading options out there. They were one of the first authentic, licensed online gambling brands to emerge, and they have keenly demonstrated their experience through their high quality mobile sportsbook application. It is not only compatible with BlackBerry's operating system, but comes complete with sophisticated live betting features, a wide range of betting lines and wagering options, and a perfectly executed user interface that makes placing your wagers and following the status of your events a breeze. Bookmaker is US friendly, and successfully supports US credit card payments, among other deposit methods. You will be able to fund your account and request payouts from their mobile platform, as well as claim bonus offers, contact customer support, and access their additional mobile gambling options. Having been around since 1985, this trusted brand brings decades of experience to the game, and the quality of their services effectively reflects this.

Visit Bookmaker Mobile Sportsbook

Which Blackberry Smartphones Support Mobile Sports Betting?

As is the case with Apple and Android mobile devices, most BlackBerry products support mobile sports betting. That is because the sports betting experience is handled through your web browser. As long as your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet can access the Internet, you can log into your mobile sportsbook account. So if you have a 2014 32GB BlackBerry Passport smartphone with a 4.5 inch touchscreen and 1 to 1 display aspect ratio, you can place bets on football, baseball, hockey and basketball from the top rated mobile sportsbooks we have listed on our site. But what if you own an older BlackBerry Torch, Curve, Q10 or Z30? Rest easy, sports betting is also supported on those BlackBerry smartphone models. And that is because phones with the updated BlackBerry operating system made for smartphones (and the BlackBerry Playbook tablet lineup) supports browser-based mobile sportsbook access. Speaking of BlackBerry operating systems ...

Which BlackBerry Mobile Operating Systems Can I Make Sports Bets On?

In the summer of 2011 BlackBerry released its mobile operating system version 7.0, debuting on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. And while not all sportsbooks are as innovative and up to date as the top rated and legally licensed sites we recommend, the best sports betting companies support any BlackBerry smartphone running OS 7.0 or newer. This includes BlackBerry operating system version 7.1 and the newer BlackBerry 10 OS. The bottom line is this. If you own a BlackBerry mobile device released since 2011, you can access the mobile sportsbooks we recommend on our site. You do so through your mobile web browser, never requiring you to wait for a frustrating download. The BlackBerry 10 operating system is exclusive to the smartphones issued by that company, but what if you own a BlackBerry Playbook tablet?

Can I Bet on Sports With My BlackBerry Playbook?

In April of 2011 the BlackBerry company launched its Playbook line of Tablet PCs. And there is good news for sports bettors that own a BlackBerry Playbook. Mobile sportsbook support is offered to any and all BlackBerry tablets. This is made possible with the BlackBerry Tablet OS, a specific operating system made just for this particular tablet. The Playbook can also offer support for Android operating systems and applications. And whether you are accessing the Internet on a first-generation Tablet OS or the 2nd revision which came out in 2012, you can still log into your account, place sports bets, request withdrawals and add money to your account. The mobile web browser built into your Playbook delivers your sportsbook account with no download, but we can only guarantee mobile sportsbook access on your Playbook through the sportsbooks listed here.

How to Open a Mobile Sportsbook Account on Your BlackBerry

As industry consultants and lifelong sports bettors, we have identified the top rated and most trusted mobile sportsbooks. If you are reading this on your BlackBerry smartphone or playbook, simply click one of the special links we provide on our site. This will take you to one of just a handful of legally licensed mobile sportsbooks that we recommend. You can open a free account in a couple of minutes. Verify your e-mail address, choose your deposit method, and you have the ability to bets sports from your BlackBerry device. It is really that simple. The most reliable and legitimate Internet sports betting sites ensure that your mobile BlackBerry experience will be reliable and enjoyable. And when you click through the links we provide on our site, you receive substantial bonuses and player rewards, live betting access, multiple banking options and the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that you are betting sports with an established industry leader.