Top 5 Mobile Sportsbooks And Real Money Sports Betting Apps

Bovada Mobile Sportsbook USA Accepted

Bovada is the premium mobile sports betting site for US players, and is a member of the Bodog network of online gambling sites. This brand was launched in late 2011 and caters exclusively to players from the United States. They offer new players a welcome bonus with a 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. They also offer a nice selection of seasonal and special promotions. They are my personal favorite, and I receive emails regularly with additional bonus offers. Their betting line selection is extensive, and they provide a substantial range of creative and unique wagering options. I love their live betting features and they have integrated this option seamlessly into their mobile sportsbook.

Betonline Mobile Sportsbook USA Accepted

Betonline is a trusted brand in the sports betting industry for both US and international players. Their operation his very professional and their attention to detail is demonstrated well through their well designed, wagering interface. They offer an excellent selection of betting lines available on the mobile interface which covers the most popular leagues and sports. Their mobile sportsbook delivers a flawless performance and is engineered specifically for the Android and iOS platforms. Both Windows and BlackBerry devices also render their mobile sportsbook beautifully, though results may vary from device to device depending the version of the operating system being used. They offer a variety of bonuses and promos, including cash back offers, match bonuses, referral bonuses and seasonal promos. Their casino and racebook are also available in your mobile device. Mobile Sportsbook USA Accepted

The Mobile Sportsbook is a solid, well engineered application that provides a strong wagering experience for bettors with competitive betting lines and paylines, and odds that line up with industry standards. This mobile sports betting site specifically supports iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, and though they don't advertise that they are Windows Mobile compatible, their mobile sportsbook renders well on the Windows devices with fairly recent mobile operating system software. They offer new sports bettors a match bonus of 25% on every single deposit you make for life. You will also have access to their racebook and several casino game options from their mobile application.

Bookmaker Mobile Sportsbook USA Accepted

Bookmaker is a respected and renowned member of the online sports betting community, and we're rather pleased that they have launched a mobile version of their sportsbook. Bookmaker has been around for years and is one of the most well known sportsbooks still servicing players from around the world. Bookmaker has some cool features for their players such as a great live betting platform that covers more sports leagues than most sportsbooks. In addition players love their wide range of betting lines and extensive wagering options. They have earned a loyal following of sports fans because they pay off like a bank, even for the high roller players and they offer one of the best loyalty rewards programs in the business. Their banking suite accommodates both US and International players, and you can process any transactions from your mobile device.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting is not only more popular in the last several years, but for those of us who actually make a living with our betting, being able to engage from our mobile device while on the go is critical to the success of our betting results. Because we must accommodate the team and player schedules when participating, particularly if live betting is involved, we need access to our lines no matter where we are. Mobile sports betting sites provide this type of flexibility and allow me to participate from anywhere that my cellular service is active. As the industry gains momentum and expands, selecting a reputable option becomes a little more challenging and important. This challenge is what prompted the development of this guide. We will break down the important aspects that bettors should be aware of in an effort to support you in making an informed decision regarding your sports betting participation.

What Types Of Mobile Sports Betting Apps Are Available

Sports betting apps come in two primary formats. We have third party sports betting applications which are available for download from the various app stores supporting the mobile operating system platforms such as the Apple App Store that services iOS mobile devices. We also have web based mobile optimized sports betting sites which are developed and maintained by the premium brands already operating successful online sportsbooks. This is actually the option that we consider to be the most reliable and robust. Here are a few reasons why we prefer the web based options over the third party applications: Following is a brief look at the mobile operating systems that support mobile sports betting from the most popular mobile platforms.

iPhone Sports Betting

The iPhone is undeniably one of the most widely used and popular mobile devices circulating in the mobile marketplace. It operates using Apple's mobile iOS, and as an Apple fan myself, I can say that I regularly bet on sports from Bovada's sports betting site on my iPhone. I have bookmarked their app (no download required) for easy access whenever I want to place a bet or check the scores. I also enjoy the 3D slots games in their mobile casino and the always active poker games in their mobile poker application. Learn more from our iPhone sports betting guide.

Android Sports Betting

The Android mobile operating system by Google is the world's most popular mobile operating system, and it powers the bulk of the smartphones and tablets being used today. It is Apple's primary competitor, and it has proven that it can hold its own in the mobile marketplace. All 5 of the top mobile sportsbooks are compatible with the Android OS, and provide a premium sports betting experience. Find out more about how to access top rated mobile sportsbook applications without any downloads in our Android sports betting guide.

BlackBerry Sports Betting

BlackBerry may not be the largest mobile operating system, but it certainly brings a loyal following to the game. This brand has resurged and reclaimed a strong presence in the mobile marketplace after some difficult times. Their newest OS and savvy devices have brought them back to the forefront of the industry, and mobile sportsbook developers have taken notice. You can learn which mobile sportsbooks are compatible with BlackBerry devices in our BlackBerry sports betting guide.

Who Are The Experts

Third party apps are created by developers who may be technologically skilled in their development tasks, however they do not necessarily have any hands on experienced with the development side of the gambling industry. I think that the experts who have experience operating a successful online sportsbook are better equipped to understand what bettors want and need, and to offer a safe and well designed experience that realistically mimics a visit to the Vegas sportsbooks.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps That Take Up Space

Third party apps must be downloaded and require space on your device, whereas the web-based applications are accessible through the Internet 24/7, requiring no storage space on your smartphone or tablet. Third party apps also often cost money whereas mobile sports betting sites are always free to access.

Bonuses And Promotions - Show Me The Money

Web based mobile sports betting sites offer participants a variety of bonuses and promotions, as well as advanced features such as live, in play betting, score updates in real time, live streaming of games and matches, and a much more robust selection of creative wagering options. You will be hard pressed to find any of these elements in a third party application.

Accessibility - How To Access The Apps Your Interested In

Most third party real money sports betting apps are not accessible to US bettors. The Google Play Store does not allow any type of real money gambling applications; hence Android device owners have no access to the third party real money gambling option. The web based mobile sportsbooks are simply much more accessible globally, and can be bookmarked on your device's homepage for the instant, one click access that you enjoy with the apps on your device. In addition, the web based mobile sportsbooks offer access across the four primary mobile operating systems and the range of devices supported by each, including access to iPhone sports betting, iPad, Android, Windows and BlackBerry mobile sports betting.

We cannot speak for any of the third party applications, but we are well informed regarding the security profiles at each of the web based mobile sports betting sites that we recommend in this guide. They each provide advanced security protocols that provide effective and reliable protection for your sensitive data. This is a critical element to your sports betting entertainment and must be verified in order to ensure a safe and secure wagering experience.

Where Can I Find The Best Mobile Sportsbooks That Can Be Trusted

We have taken all of the leading online sportsbooks which offer a mobile platform to their bettors and placed them through an extensive review process. This effectively eliminated the brands which do meet or exceed licensing requirements and industry standards, as well as our stringent requirements for inclusion in this guide. These sites were evaluated from top to bottom, and were found to offer a secure, reliable and consistent performance with a feature rich interface, wide range of betting lines and wagering options, and generous bonus offers and promotions. Their security profiles rival that of any world class financial institution, and provide the safest possible gambling environment. Following is a short review on each of our recommended brands to provide you with an overview and a bit of insight into each brand prior to trying them out.